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The Revelation - Open Ended Project (CYOA)

For the “Choose Your Own Adventure” project I selected the second project which is the Open Ended Project. In my piece, I decided to create a movie poster for a made-up film I have entitled “The Revelation.” Within my poster I decided to adapt a variation of free images from and most of them involve mysterious meanings like the two trees and the fire.
A photograph of the “Big Ben” tower in London is in my poster because the film would ultimately take place in London, England. A picture of the actor Christian Bale is in my poster as well because he would be the leading actor in the movie. Christian Bale is better recognized for his roles in movies like Batman Begins and The Prestige.
Some other actors which I have incorporated in the credits at the bottom of the poster are: Scarlett Johansson, Michael Gambon, Josh Lucas, and Dakota Fanning.
In my “Revelation” poster I have also included the banner “Rated PG-13” because most dramatic films are Rated PG-13 due to Language or Violence.
The colors in my poster are mainly light with dark shadows because it would be eye-catchy and it would emphasize the mood of the film.
What I believe I did best in this project would be the way I combined the eerie colorful lines at the top with the emblazing fire at the top-left. These were blended excellently.
What I believe I could have worked on a little more would be the trees in the poster. The tress look overly sharp, yet they are important symbols to the poster.

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Mouse Pad - Da Vinci

My mouse pad looks very abstract. It is a combination of art work from Leonardo Da Vinci. The main color in the mouse pad is dark purple. The piece itself is mainly dark with a few light parts with a grey tone. The principal emphasis in the piece would have to be the Mona Lisa, which is Da Vinci’s most famous painting. If you look closely, inside the Mona Lisa’s face, you can see Jesus Christ from the painting called The Last Supper. The background has a variation of art work, but I mainly used the background from the Mona Lisa. I used the clone stamp to expand the background and make it fit throughout the entire Mouse Pad.
Leonardo Da Vinci uses a lot of dark shadows, shapes, and smooth transitions. I tried to keep these features in my piece, and combine them into one.
I believe the strongest and best part in my piece would be the use of color. The obscure colors in my piece make it unique and it also makes the Mouse Pad look like if it was just one piece of art work with different complexities. Another great part from my Mouse Pad would be the way I used opacity to blend in all of Da Vinci’s masterpieces together into one.
Apart from having really strong parts in my Mouse Pad, there are also, some parts which I could have improved on. For example I believe I could have worked more with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man sketch. That picture was the most troubling due to its shape. Vitruvian Man is located down at the far right corner of the Mouse Pad.
What inspired me to make this Mouse Pad and use Da Vinci as the artist would have to be the film “The Da Vinci Code.” It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen this year and really made me think of what Da Vinci’s art work really means.
Apart from being a successful film in the cinema, The Da Vinci Code also caused quite a religious stir which would be due to the film’s spiritual and religious concepts.
These concepts were thought of by the author of the original novel, the movie was based upon. Dan Brown was the first person who combined a variation of Da Vinci’s art work and religious conceptions and mixed them in order to make a very smart, yet fictional book.
Leonardo Da Vinci will be remembered as one of the greatest artists that has ever walked upon this earth. Although he died in 1519, his works are still being admired everywhere in the world.
Paintings used for Mouse Pad:
- The Last Supper
- Mona Lisa
- Portrait of Ginevra Benci
- Head of a Warrior
- Vitruvian Man
- The Virgin of the Rocks
- The Adoration of the Magi
- Head of a Woman
- Portrait of Isabella d'Este
- Casting of Giant Cannon
- The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the Young St. John the Baptist

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Vector Self Portrait

My piece resembles a complex meaning which can be related to volunteer firemen and doctors. It shows a death defying fire in the bloodcurdling background. My eyes are unseen to the public due to an arcane black bar which is imminent to representing a censored face of some sort.
I used a variation of dark colors to emblematize the obscure tone of the piece. Though the blazing fire, to some, might mean destruction and an event leading or misleading to perish something with no value…the flames in my Self Portrait represent the atrocities of mankind and the vulnerability of ordinary people.
There are a lot of things that I could have improved on this project, for example the wrinkles in my face and the layers in my hair. Also my shoulders could have used some nourishment and composition. Yet, beyond the facts of these deteriorations, I thought my piece did a fairly admirable job of self depicting both my character and outer persona.
Ultimately, the purpose of the assignment was to portray one’s own character…which was fundamentally what I did.
What inspired me to make this piece is The Black Death also known as The Black Plague, which as you probably know is the bubonic plague that spread throughout Europe in the 14th century. The “plague” itself didn’t have any fires in it (none that I have researched) but the mere idea of a fire represents death and terror. The safeguard (mask) which I have protecting my nose and mouth, indicates that the doctors during the plague used to protect themselves from the infection by using gas masks. Although the masks back in the old days were long and had sharp edges, my camouflage-like mask represents the modern era.

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Ex Libris

My piece is quite abstract.
I decided to go with Art Deco because I like how Deco has a pattern with its opposite side. My design has a sort of cross in the middle, and arrows in the outside. The main colors in the design are quite light. I used gray, yellow, blue, and green. These are colors which I thought would go along well with what I had created. In the middle of my cross there is a sort of circular illusion which I designed mainly to show some emphasis on the piece.
I believe the strongest and best part in my piece would have to be the cross, because it’s a design that’s like no one else’s’ and that’s what makes it very unique in style. I also thought the colors inside the cross matched perfectly the grayish colored background.
The part that I could have improved on with my piece is the arrows to the sides. Those I could have drawn bigger and much better.
What inspired me to make my piece is the letter t in a different font.
That gave me an idea of making my piece shaped like a cross. It can also be resembled as a religious icon, yet few people are concerned. There really wasn’t much inspiration involved in the process of making the little circles and arrows. I just thought those were very clever shapes to go along with my piece.
The font for the titles “Conrad Faraj” and “Ex Libris” is one of my favorite and simple fonts. I thought the font looked very roman and it went along famously with the piece. It truly is a fantastic font.


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